Boost Conversion Rates by Personalizing Customer Journey from Signup

– People often focus on why customers unsubscribe, but rarely ask why they subscribed in the first place.
– By collecting relevant data on the customer journey, businesses can access high-intent data that can lead to higher conversion rates.
– To increase the conversion rate, it is important to personalize the initial content sent to subscribers based on why they signed up, rather than focusing solely on promoting the company.Personalize the first 3 pieces of content sent to new subscribers to focus on why they signed up, rather than promoting the company.Everyone asks why you’re unsubscribing. No one asks why you subscribed. You don’t get these answers by asking for just an email or phone number. It’s that simple. If you know that on average, 20% of people who subscribe will end up purchasing, and you can get data relevant to the customer journey for 95% of all people subscribed, you’d have access to the most high-intent data available on your e-commerce website. Want to raise that 20% subscribe to conversion rate even higher? Data shows you have less than 3 days to make it happen. You can cut into your unit economics and offer a bigger sale, but remember they already signed up for a discount, or you can take the information they provided and personalize the first 3 pieces of content you send them to make the welcome series about WHY THEY SIGNED UP instead of WHY YOUR COMPANY IS SO COOL. Customer Journey v. Company Journey. The bonus is you now have data correlated with revenue, orders, and conversion rates to find gaps, build strategies, and improve your entire content creation process. Ads, Landing Pages, Emails. All of it. Make the shift from Company Journey to Customer Journey. Get started by just changing your popup. #data #ecommerce #strategy

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