Boost Click Through Rates with Jon’s JaaS Service

– The last ad created had a high click-through rate of 5%+.
– The ad was created quickly on Canva and is mostly text-based.
– Jon offers advice on thinking differently and building systems that incorporate customer insights into the customer journey through his service, Jon as a Service (JaaS).

The key action item is to consider signing up for Jon as a Service (JaaS) to gain access to training, resources, and the opportunity to ask questions about various topics, including marketing strategies and data collection.

The last ad I created has a 5%+ click-through rate.

It’s mostly text and more than 30 seconds long.

It was created in 5 minutes on Canva. It hasn’t been optimized.

Much like this ad creation process, the advice I offer is similar.

In the sea of the same, I teach people how to think differently by building systems that incorporate customer insights into the customer journey.

This is why Jon as a Service (JaaS) exists.

💰$1000 a month
⏱️Minimum 3 months
🗃️Access to my internal docs
📚More than 7 hours of courses around popups and the customer journey
🧠Access to ask me any questions about anything really, life, career, marketing strategies, e-commerce, etc.
50 person cap.

Launching September 1st.

This is a great way to train your internal teams or audit your existing outsourced help or level up your own skills. Even the best teams need an outside opinion. If you’re up to it, I can teach you all about confidence intervals and data collection and use too. That’s the really advanced fun stuff. Let’s solve some problems together.

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