Automating Reporting for Effective Ecommerce Strategy: The Power of Data

– The author has been working on automating reporting for ecommerce stores to help them prioritize their focus based on intent-based actions.
– Most ecommerce companies lack the knowledge and insights to effectively use data in their strategies, requiring a full data team.
– The author emphasizes the importance of combining clean data, large dashboards, insights, and actions to streamline processes and drive growth in ecommerce.Implement a process of cleaning data, combining it into large dashboards, extracting insights, explaining those insights, recommending actions with reasoning, and communicating next steps in plain English to effectively utilize data in ecommerce strategy.I haven’t posted in a few days because I’ve been working on automating reporting to tell ecommerce stores what they need to focus on based on intent-based actions. This has been super important to me because I’m about 99% sure that most ecommerce companies, even the “successful” ones, have no real concept of how to layer data into strategy in the most efficient manner. This has been a culmination of more than a few years of observations. Agencies can’t see this stuff, and internal staff don’t have the knowledge or insights to make a lot of these decisions. You need a full data team to do it. Our goal is to eliminate that need. Everything is built on top of itself. This is the only process I’ve ever found to consistently work:

1. Clean Data
2. Large Dashboards with all the Data combined
3. Insights pulled out
4. Insights explained
5. Actions recommended with reasoning
6. Data and dashboards fall into the background
7. Plain English next steps become the way forward

The fundamentals of ecommerce aren’t complex. The combination of data, interpreting data, and being able to take action based on data is where most brands fall flat. You can’t automate and streamline processes until you can do all of the above. Candidly, if you’re trying, you’re wasting time, money, and resources. As someone who builds processes for a living, I can assure you this is the absolute smartest and most efficient path to growth. Trust me, I’ve tried others, they don’t work as well. When all the above is combined with process boards that have been created in Notion/Trello/Click Up/etc., you can add transparency across the entire marketing and content creation teams to prioritize resource allocation and accountability. Is it complicated? You better believe it. Is it worth it? 100%. Show me someone looking at a dashboard, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t know the “why” behind any of those stats they are looking at. The devil is in the details. Welcome to the new age of data where the only thing that matters is the “why”. #data #ecommerce #marketing

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