AI Media Buying: Tracking Scripts Blocked, Clean Data First

– AI is used for media buying by tracking behaviors and creating segments for lookalike audiences.
– Browsers are increasingly blocking tracking scripts, making data less reliable.
– Clean data, layered approaches, and human inputs are important for effective media buying strategies.Prioritize clean data, layered approaches, human inputs, and strategies that allow greater transparency in media buying rather than relying solely on AI algorithms.”We use AI to handle your media buying for you,” really means “we implement a script on your website to track behaviors associated with conversions and generate segments to create similar audiences.” The issue is that most browsers in the near future will block all tracking scripts, especially those that work across different browsers. Brave browser already does this. All of these browsers primarily focus on conversions, but they fail to consider changes to your website in terms of CRO, product availability, or other variables. They simply can’t do it. Data is constantly changing and fluid. While segments can be dynamic, they heavily rely on unverifiable data that is not accurate and shows mixed levels of intent. This is why they all depend on conversions. I appreciate the idea that it might be possible in the future, but the quality of the data you input determines the quality of the output. And unfortunately, the reliability of the input data is decreasing. We don’t believe in skipping steps. We prioritize clean data, layered approaches, human inputs, and strategies that offer greater transparency without relying solely on algorithms. Eventually, we will achieve proper automation, but you have to start with small steps before you can make significant progress. By the way, we have just launched the first version of ad action recommendations in Formtoro. This feature can save media buying teams hours of work every week. We have even developed a way for you to use it without utilizing our forms, ensuring that no one knows what you are using it for. Alternatively, if you are a brand, you may want to reconsider your need for them altogether… #mediabuying #ecommerce #marketing

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