Acquisition is more important than retention in ecommerce marketing

– Acquisition and retention are both important in business, but acquisition is more important because without acquiring customers, there can be no retention.
– The way a company models its acquisition strategy greatly impacts its ability to retain customers.
– While retention can eventually lead to word-of-mouth acquisition, acquisition is still more important because it is the initial step in the customer journey.Focus on improving acquisition strategies in order to drive customer retention.The debate over what is more important between acquisition and retention makes zero sense. No, the answer isn’t both. Without acquisition, there can be no retention. How you model your acquisition greatly impacts your ability to retain. It doesn’t work the other way around until you reach massive scale, and the retention turns into word of mouth to generate acquisition, but how that happens still matters more. For that reason, acquisition will always be more important than retention. It’s a logic-based argument. You can’t retain until you acquire. #ecommerce #marketing #customerjourney

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