Achieving $100k+ Revenue in 6 Months with Clean Data

– The author believes that clean data is crucial for success in ecommerce and can only scale with size.
– The challenge was to take a company from less than $2k in starting ad budget to $100k+ revenue in 6 months, with limitations on the strategies that could be used.
– The goal was to establish the impact of data collected via Formtoro and using that data in marketing strategies, and the revenue goal was achieved with a 3.45 blended ROAS.Implement a strategy based on clean zero party data to achieve significant revenue growth in ecommerce.I believe in practicing what you preach. With the proper strategy and the proper creative, I wagered that clean data is the key to success in e-commerce and it only scales with size. I had to find someone crazy enough to let me try because there were going to be limitations that most normal people wouldn’t be comfortable with. (Thanks for the trust, Alex.) The challenge: With less than $2k in starting ad budget, take a company to $100k+ revenue inside of 6 months? (This would be 17.4x growth YoY.) The rules: – Only email flows could be used – No retargeting was allowed – We wouldn’t use landing pages – Had to stick to a budget of less than $5k per month in ad spend. Other notes: – Average product cost sub $30 – Average AOV over the lifetime sub $50 – Non CPG and non-subscription – Sold out of our best-selling product type for the last 3 months – Haven’t been fully in stock during the duration of the challenge. The goal was to establish a baseline of the impact of data collected via Formtoro and using that data in our marketing strategy, specifically around ad buying. Yesterday, we crossed $100k in revenue with a 3.45 blended ROAS exactly 6 months to the day. Our platform has only gotten better over this experience, which is the best part. Special thanks to the agencies that we worked with, Zyan Williams-Crain and Romans Ivanovs, who were up to the unique challenge of being able to operate within these crazy limitations (even though they went against every bone in their being, I’m slowly trying to convert them). Also, a special thanks to iOS 14.5 for proving that a good strategy based on clean zero-party data is the solution for any future privacy issues. Thanks for not impacting us! #marketing #zeropartydata #customerjourney #ecommerce

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