5 Keys to Ecommerce Success: Unit Economics, Product Fit, Organic Growth

– The success of an ecommerce business depends on unit economics, product market fit, and sustainable organic growth metrics.
– Building a loyal brand following is crucial to avoid being undercut in a commoditized market.
– Finding and targeting a specific audience that loves the product and promotes it unprompted is essential for success.Find and target a specific audience that loves your product and create a loyal brand following.The success of your e-commerce business comes down to just a few things:

1. Unit economics
2. Product Market Fit
3. Sustainable organic growth metrics
4. The ability to stay top of mind
5. The ability to sell multiple items to the same audience

That’s it. “Jon, come on, if it’s that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?”

1. You can always be undercut until you build a loyal brand following; most products are completely commoditized.
2. Are you known to a certain audience that loves your product and finds so much utility in it that they tell everyone about it unprompted?
3. See number 2, then go find that audience. Search for, talk to, talk around, talk next to that audience.
4. This is a one-to-many situation where the brand goes beyond what’s currently the focus and becomes embedded into a lifestyle. This is incredibly hard to pull off as a brand, but there are hedges to make against this (pay attention to the gaps).
5. Do people love the first product that they purchase from your brand? Do they like it so much that they want to swap out your brand for other items that they have from similar brands?

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