5 Hates of Ecommerce & How to Fix Them: Epic Rant

– The author has created a video rant about 5 things they dislike about ecommerce and how to fix them.
– They are seeking feedback and are open to debate about the topic.
– The author is impressed with the quality of the videos and believes they provide valuable insights that could impact business success.Watch the videos shared in the link to gain insights and improve knowledge in ecommerce.I realized that I went on an epic rant about five things I hate about ecommerce and how to fix them. Well, it’s live now. I promise it will be 19 minutes of “Holy shit, why have I never even paid attention to this before” (or at least I hope). It could be three minutes of “interesting, hmmmm…” Either way, I always enjoy some candid feedback. If you love it, maybe I’ll pick a topic weekly and post it here. If you hate it, tell me why you hate it. I love a good debate 😉 Follow the link, watch these videos, and get smarter. I’ve already listened to quite a few videos. I can confidently say that I’m torn about sharing because a lot of things I do personally with brands, the type of stuff I don’t directly talk about because it gives us a competitive advantage, is being discussed in enough detail in these videos to quickly impact the bottom line. If that isn’t a nod to the quality, I’m not sure what is. Well done Rommil Santiago 🔦 I tip my hat to you. John Ostrowski, 🚀 Andrea Corvi, Ana Catarina C., Anil Batra, Danielle Gunraj, Ph.D., Deborah O’Malley, Eden Bidani, Haley Carpenter, Jonas Alves, Marion Ravel, Melanie Kyrklund, Shiva Manjunath, Tasin Reza, Tracy Laranjo, CAPM, Annika Thompson, Paul Randall, Akhil Kapoor, Bithika Mehra, MBA, MSBA, Juliana Jackson J., Jimmy Barber, Sina Fak, Simon Clark, Rachel Van West, Spencer Gray, W. Scott Sanders, Ph.D., Angela Wu, Namrata Dhuru, Aditi Gupta, Daniela Marquez, Taz Risma, Kenya Davis, Krissy Tripp Hashtags: #marketing #CRO #customerjourney #ecommercehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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