5 Essential Strategies for Ecommerce Success

– Offer an amazing intro offer for paid customers to build a loyal customer base and generate positive social media reviews.
– Create comprehensive product pages with all necessary information to improve conversion rates.
– Prioritize data collection and analysis to optimize advertising, landing pages, and product pages for better conversion rates.Build an amazing intro offer for paid customers to generate social media buzz and repeat purchases.For the majority of e-commerce companies that sell multiple products and have a high repeat purchase rate, there are only a few things you need to do.

1. Have an amazing intro offer reserved for people who come from paid ads. This keeps your costs reasonable and builds an army of people who write on social media about your products. Limit it to one per person. You’ll want to keep doing this until you become a household name.

2. Build proper product pages. People often skimp on product pages in the worst ways, and it kills conversion rates. Spend time actually putting all the information someone would need on the page to help them make a decision. Provide context from one product to the next in a category or what they are coming from.

3. Build your strategy around data collection. I keep saying this, but this is the number one way to find success in e-commerce. Knowing what leads to conversion and building a system to capture this data and leverage it across your ads, landing pages, and product pages.

4. Don’t skimp on the product. I’ve seen too many brands go cheaper and cheaper to increase margins, but in the background, they are alienating past customers who begin to shun brands when quality goes downhill. Build for longevity. There are far more efficient ways to save money.

5. Skip sales, instead offer tiered discounts based on the number of items in the cart relevant to price breaks. We’ve been running a test on this one for a few weeks now, and I can honestly say as a consumer, it’s really cool to be able to mix and match products for a discount. The more I buy, the more I save without a ton of limitations.

That’s it. Those are the five things that I’m currently focusing on that are really doing well for us. A lot of these changes took place over time and were built entirely from the perspective of the customer. They are universal and should work for any brand. #ecommerce #strategy #frameworkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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