3 Steps to Increase Revenue for Your Ecommerce Brand

– Collect more data through signups to understand customer preferences and interests.
– Increase the frequency of welcome series emails during the first 3 days of signing up.
– Personalize the welcome series based on customer interests and category preferences.Increase the frequency and personalization of your welcome series emails to increase conversion rates and generate more revenue for your ecommerce brand.3 steps to start creating more revenue in less than an hour for your ecommerce brand:

1. Collect more data: Use the signup form to learn what someone is looking for and what matters to them in the product category.

2. Increase the frequency of your welcome series: Most people convert within the first 3 days of signing up, so lean into this and increase the frequency of your welcome series during that high intent time.

3. Personalize your welcome series: Identify the biggest opportunity for increased conversion and personalize customer reviews based on the specific category someone is interested in and what matters to them.

Barely any brands are implementing these strategies. By doing the first step, you’ll learn more about your customers. By doing the second step, you’ll make more money. By doing the third step, you’ll make even more. If you do all of them together properly, you should see an extra 10% conversion on your welcome series.

If you’re reading this as an email agency, it means you can charge more money to brands to create Lego-like built emails and triple the amount of work on welcome series. Your increased costs will pay for themselves with a 10%+ bump in conversion rates. The changes will be ongoing and dynamic, with increased conversion rates on the welcome series, the downflow LTV will also increase. People who have made a purchase tend to purchase again 10 times more than those who didn’t purchase within 7 days of signing up.

It’s not just about collecting more emails and phone numbers; it’s about building a strategy that converts more of them. Having more products in the hands of satisfied customers creates more word of mouth and leads to more organic signups. It’s all intertwined.

We provide this detailed strategy to agencies that partner with us because we’ve developed software that allows teams to implement it in hours instead of days and weeks. This is a real data-driven strategy. If you’re a brand working with an agency and they aren’t implementing this, tag them on this post. #ecommerce #data #emailmarketinghttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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