10x Growth: How Data-First Strategy Transforms Ecommerce Success

– 730 days and 40 creatives were used to create 40 email campaigns
– The result was a 10x growth for the ecommerce brand
– Being data first and focusing on the customer journey can lead to more efficient and successful strategiesSwitch to a data-first approach in order to achieve 10x growth for an ecommerce brand.730 days, 40 creatives, 40 email campaigns, 10x growth. There are no typos in the above. This represents the difference in efficiency that is possible for an ecommerce brand when you prioritize data, focus on unit economics, and prioritize the customer journey. I can guarantee you that this goes against what everyone says and recommends. This is what happens when you switch to prioritizing data. It’s time to rethink your strategy. #ecommerce #data #growthhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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